Configuring Recording Modules

Beyond HTML censorship, may different recorders can be enabled or disabled. By default, most recorders are enabled, with a few exceptions. Recorders can be configured by manually removing them using JavaScript. See below for examples.

NOTE: Remote configurations (set on the tracking configuration page) are cached for performance reasons, so changes may take up to 15 minutes to take effect.


GroupRecorder NameIDGUI ConfDefault EnabledDescription
App Diagnostics 
Redux Actionsredux 
Network Requests (Fetch)fetch 
Network Requests (XHR)xhr 
Console Logconsole 
HTML5 Storage/Cookiesstorage 
Errors/Uncaught Exceptionserrors 
Network Timingperformance 
Slow Event LoopslowEventLoop 
Timeseries Statsstats 
CSP ViolationscspViolation 
UX Frictions 
Rage ClicksrageClick 
Page Translationtranslation 
Browser Visualization 
HTML change recordinghtml 
HTML5 Canvascanvas 
Browser ResizewindowResize 
Browser MovewindowMove 
Device orientationorientation 
Engagement Analysis 
URL Locationurl 
Tab VisibilitytabVisibility 
Text SelectiontextSelection 
Mouse trackingmouseTouch 
Hover RecorderhoverRecorder 
Print Detectionprint 
Form field inputinputs 
Track Reserved EventsreservedEvent 
Track Custom EventscustomEvent 

Application Diagnostics

These modules help fix bugs and performance concerns faster, and typically include less PII.

  • Chrome Extension Detection extensions ✓ GUI

Browser Tracking

  • Browser tracking (Adblock, fingerprint) browserTracking ✓ GUI

UX Friction

  • Dead clicks
  • NOTE: Error clicks are precombined with errors and support all events (ex. mouseover).

User Context recording

  • Geolocation coordinates (IP based) geolocation ✓ GUI


  • Custom Event Recording customEvents ✓ GUI
  • Reserved standard events reservedStandardEvent


You can overwrite (merge local and remote) configurations by specifying boolean values for each module.

Utility: On Ready
wisdom('init', __YOUR_PROJECT_ID_HERE__, {
recorders: {
translation: true, // Enables detection of Google Chrome's Translate Extension
console: false, // Disables console.*() recording
storage: false, // Disables cookie, localStorage, sessionStorage recording
textSelection: false, // Disables detection of user highlighting/selecting text.
inputs: false, // Disables all input fields - Also configurable by GUI
geolocation: false // Disables recording of IP based Geolocation coordinates
orientation: true // Disables detection of device rotation [portrait|landscape]

Other static information is recorded for all sessions including:

  • IP Addresses
  • Start & End time
  • Timezone
  • User Agent
  • Clock Skew
  • Referrer
  • Max Touch Points
  • Languages Requested
  • screen dimensions
  • UTM properties etc.
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