Email Inbox Tracking

Email Inbox Across All Users.

Part of understanding customer engagement and churn is understanding how users's work together as part of a larger team. team and corporate restructuring can be a challenge to understand from a product analyst's perspective. Understanding the greater team dynamics helps shed light why certain workflows benefit particular teams and not others.

You can find your application's email inbox at Inbox. Wisdom organizes recieved emails cronologically across all user, and also limited to a particular user.

Within Wisdom's user CRM, you be able to glance at the most recent emails, or click through and sift through the user's entire inbox journey- hopefully your team hasn't been too spammy!

Setting up Inbox Tracking

Setup is really easy, just BCC all emails to your assigned secret email address- it's domain is

Sanitizer Functions
const msg = {
to: '',
from: {
email: '',
name: 'Company team',
bcc: [
replyTo: '',
templateId: 'd-123456', // or HTML content...
return sendRenderedEmail(msg, userData)
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