Server Side Tracking Overview

Email Inbox

Track emails you send to customers- helping your team build better empathy into their inbox, while analyzing an omnichannel customer journey. Just BCC Wisdom with your specially assigned email address.

Data Access
  1. Adds records to atomic.mail_inbox table, indexed by email address (requires email addresses tracking).
  2. Sends email HTML content and attachments to your S3 Object Bucket at path mail_inbox/{YYYY}/{MM}/{DD}/.

Company Membership

Part of understanding customer engagement and churn is understanding how users's work together as part of a larger team. team and corporate restructuring can be a challenge to understand from a product analyst's perspective. Understanding the greater team dynamics helps shed light why certain workflows benefit particular teams and not others.

Data Access
  1. Adds records to and atomic.employee table.
  2. Table atomic.session references via "companyId" column.
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