There are 3 types of Wisdom URLs available to link back to Wisdom:

  • wisdom.getSessionURL()
  • wisdom.getUserProfileURL()
  • wisdom.getUserGalleryURL()

Wisdom can be configured to automatically inject various Wisdom properties into 3rd party services. Wisdom will match the relevant data context by pushing a session URL for events and push profile URLs for identities.

Tracking Configuration Page
IntegrationLogoCode NameDefault EnabledDescription
SegmentsegmentInject user profile value into field Wisdom of segment's analytics.identify(...);
IntercomintercomMerges window.intercomSettings with {'Wisdom': getUserProfileURL()}.
Google AnalyticsgoogleAnalyticsCalls ga('send', 'event', 'Wisdom', getSessionURL(), { nonInteraction: true });
UserVoiceuserVoiceCalls UserVoice.push(['set', 'ticket_custom_fields', {'Wisdom Session': getSessionURL()}]);
HeapheapCalls heap.addUserProperties({ Wisdom: getUserProfileURL() });
MixpanelmixpanelCalls mixpanel.people.set({ Wisdom: getUserProfileURL() });
WootricwootricMerges { Wisdom: getUserProfileURL() } into
BugSnagbugsnagMerges {Wisdom: getUserProfileURL()} into w.Bugsnag.user, and sets Bugsnag.beforeNotify = function (payload, metaData) { metaData.WisdomSession = getSessionURL(); }
TrackJStrackjsCalls trackJs.addMetadata('Wisdom URL', getUserProfileURL());
SentrysentryCalls Raven.setExtraContext({ Wisdom: getUserProfileURL() });
RollbarrollbarCalls Rollbar.configure({transform(obj) {obj['Wisdom Session'] = getSessionURL();}});
DriftdriftCalls drift.track('Wisdom', { WisdomSession: getSessionURL() });
LiveChatliveChatCalls __lc.visitor = {'Wisdom': getUserProfileURL()};
QualarooqualarooCalls _kiq.push(['set', { WisdomSession: getSessionURL() }]);
OlarkolarkCalls olark('api.visitor.updateCustomFields', {WisdomUrl: getSessionURL()}) and olark('', {body: "Wisdom Session: "+getSessionURL()"});
ErrorceptionerrorceptionCalls _errs.meta = {Wisdom: getUserProfileURL()};


You can overwrite (merge local and remote) configurations by specifying boolean values for each integration.

wisdom('init', __YOUR_PROJECT_ID_HERE__, {
integrations: {
segment: true,
intercom: false,
googleAnalytics: false,
userVoice: true,
heap: false,
}, {
identityId: '',
firstName: 'John'
traits: {
// Other custom and reserved props here

If you don't see an integration here that you would like, let us know

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